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Savor the traditional cuisines

Savor the traditional cuisines

Let’s begin by saying Serbians love food!

Punctuated by original tastes and smells that can only be found in the traditional Serbian kitchen, Serbian cuisine is meant to be savored during long meals with family and friends.

The Serbian diet is seasonal with a prevalent use of meat, pasta, vegetables and dairy products.  A few of the national specialties include Gibanica (cheese pie),  Sarma (sour cabbage rolls), and Cevapi (grilled sausages).  Our personal favorite is kajmak (a cross between butter and soft cheese) which can be eaten with……well, just about everything.

Serbs drink a lot of coffee, not on the go Starbucks style, but rather enjoyed leisurely at one of the ubiquitous neighborhood coffee shops.

The most popular traditional coffee, also known as Turska (Turkish) comes unfiltered, in small cups and is frequently served with ratluk, a yummy jello and almond sweet.

Equal to their love of good food is Serbs’ penchant for rakija (brandy) made from their national fruit the plum.  Rakija, a staple of Serbian hospitality, is served regardless of the time of day.

For many visitors it is a required taste but you can’t leave Serbia without consuming a few.

Remember to make direct eye contact with your host as you toast with a robust Ziveli!

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