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Experience farm to table culinary delights

Experience farm to table culinary delights

Nesh is a chef, so we promise extra attention will be paid to your culinary experience.

Serbians are known for eating fresh, hearty, seasonal food.  As a matter of fact, GMO foods cannot be produced or imported in Serbia.  Many households still make jam, jelly, pickled vegetables and sausages and collect fresh milk every morning from a local farmer.

We will make sure you have an opportunity to experience the hip food scene in Belgrade, eat a home cooked Serbian lunch and dine where your trout was caught that morning.  We could go on and on about the food but will stop now and recommend you start practicing how to order a few of the national specialties: cerapi, sarma, and burek, and my, Debbie again, favorite

Forget about your diet and Live Serbia!

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