July 3, 2019

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Serbian countryside
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The stunning beauty of the Serbian countryside is another little-known fact. Most often passed over by American tourists for the beaches of Croatia, Serbia maintains its pristine, pastoral nature

July 1, 2019

Learn about Serbia’s culture and history
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Inhabited since the Paleolithic Age, Serbia has a complex history fraught with foreign invasions from the Celts in the 4th century to the Germans during World War 2.  Today Serbia operates under a doctrine of military neutrality.

June 3, 2019

Experience Serbia with Ziveli Tours
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Welcome to Ziveli! Tours.
We invite you to join us and get to know Serbia. (more…)

September 15, 2018

Savor the traditional cuisines
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Let’s begin by saying Serbians love food!

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Download detailed schedule of tour on September 16th – 26th 2019 and May 20 – May 30 2020


Join Debbie & Nesh as they launch ZIVELI! Tours and embrace a life of love, health and adventure.

Nesh Pantelic, aka the Sweet Chef, was born and raised in Serbia and has a strong love for his country. As a former professional basketball player for Partizan Serbia, he maintains a certain celebrity status, which he loves! Nesh will welcome you to Serbia with open arms, an open heart, and the best of Serbian hospitality.

Debbie Rocco first fell in love with Nesh and then with the Serbian culture and countryside.  She took a leap of faith as she transitioned from her corporate career to begin this new adventure.  Debbie brings her many years of experience creating learning opportunities for individuals and groups to ensure your small group experience is unique and gratifying.


Serbian people are warm, fun-loving and whole-heartedly generous. Extremely proud of their country, they will welcome you with open arms, a shot of rakia, and all the culinary delights in their kitchen..


Historically passed over by American tourists for the beaches of Crotia, Serbia maintains its pristine, pastoral nature. Situated on the Balkan peninsula and the Pannonian plane it is replete with rivers and mountain ranges that provide a home to a broad diversity of plant and animal species.


Serbia is where the West meets the East. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has been fought over in 115 wars and has risen from the ashes 44 times. Despite, or perhaps due, to its tumultuous history Belgrade is a vibrant center of culture, creative energy, and gritty determination.


Serbians are known for eating fresh, hearty, seasonal food. As a matter of fact, GMO foods cannot be produced in or imported to Serbia. Many households still make jam, jelly, pickled vegetables and sausages and collect fresh milk every morning from a local farmer.


Ziveli! Tours’ preferred guests believe travel breaks down barriers and brings people closer together.  They are looking for unique travel experiences where a country’s culture and its people are at the forefront of the travel experience.   If you’re looking for your next adventure, join us for our Fall tour where the rich farmland and abundant orchards of Serbia will be ripe for harvest


11 days
September 16th to 26th
7 person
$2850 per person. Includes in country transportation, 10 nights lodging, all meals and of course, plenty of rakia, Serbian wine and good cheer.




Immerse yourself in the Serbian culture as you explore central and western Serbia from Belgrade to Visegrad Bosnia.  Discover why CNN Travel highlighted Serbia in 2018 as a best place to visit.  From the energy of Belgrade to the emerald green of the River Drina, let Serbia surprise and delight you.

Arrive in Belgrade: Transport to Hotel & Orientation Dinner

Described by Lonely Planet as outspoken, adventurous, proud, and audacious, Belgrade is one of the most happening cities in Europe.  During out 2 nights in Belgrade you will stay at the prestigious Hotel Moscow which will provide a “soft-landing” into Serbian life with its English speaking staff and non-smoking lobby

Historical Tour of Belgrade

Belgrade has a large pedestrian walkway through the heart of the city which will take you from Hotel Moscow to the Kalemegdan Fortress at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers.  During our walk you will learn about Belgrade’s tumultuous history from its origins as one of the largest prehistoric cultures of Europe to its seat as the capital of the former Yugoslavia.   As you experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Belgrade you will understand why it is quickly becoming a coveted tourist destination.

Experience Life in the Village & Transfer to Rajski Konaci

From the bustle of Belgrade you will transition to tranquil Rajski Konaci, a traditional Serbian homestead, nestled in the undulating hills of central Serbia where you will spend the next 3 nights and enjoy the wholehearted hospitality of the Serbian people.  On your way visit Bogovagia, the village home of Nesh’s mother where you will experience a true farm-to-table lifestyle and consume a traditional home cooked meal. 

Hike Kablar Mountain and Explore Medieval Monasteries

An hour ride from Rajski Konaci you will enter the oak and birch forests of Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, home to over 100 bird species.  Here you will hike the trails linking the medieval monasteries that provided refuge for the Serbian Orthodox monks during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras.  You will meet the monks and nuns residing in the monasteries, enjoy the spectacular views and if lucky be treated to coffee, rakia, and sweets by our monastic hosts.

A Day of Choice at Rajski Konaci

Rajski Konaci and the surrounding area have a rich history and little known story to tell.  During World War II over 400 downed U.S. pilots were given safe harbor at Rajski Konaci and many other homesteads in the area.  You can hike to the village Pranjani to learn more about the Halyard Mission and visit the location of the make-shift runway, used to rescue the pilots, constructed mostly at night by the local people.  Or, you can choose to sit back, relax and enjoy the restful ambiance at Rajski Konaci.

Transfer to Zlatibor & Enjoy a Free Afternoon

Your next four nights will be spent in Zlatibor, the popular resort town known for health tourism, hiking, and skiing.  Along the way you will stop to see how local pottery is made.  After checking into your lovely, small apartment at Natural Woods on the outskirts of Zlatibor, you may choose to relax and enjoy the views, take a hike to town, visit one of the many spas, or spend the afternoon, like the locals, in a coffee shop by the lake.

Morning Hike, Sirogojno Museum & Stopica Becina Cave

Begin your day with a hike in the alluring forest and hills of western Serbia.  Zlatibor is a popular health tourism destination where visitors come to benefit from the confluence of sea, mountain and desert winds that blow through the area.  In the afternoon you will visit the open-air museum Sirogjno to experience how the Serbian people lived in the 19th century.  You will also take a short hike to the Serbian National Monument Stopica Becina cave with its unusual bath formations.

Drvengrad, Historic Train Ride & Evening Hike

You will start the day with a visit to Drvengrad, the lovely ethno-village built by Emir Kusturica, the Serbian film producer.  This picturesque village, with its amazing views, was built to have all the luxuries of a modern city including a movie theatre.  After lunch at Drvengrad you will take a scenic ride on the historic Shagran Eight called the wonder of the railways. Back in Zlatibor explore another of the many hiking trails before dinner

Visegrad & Boat Ride Down the River Drina

Have your passport ready as you depart Serbia and enter Bosnia.  You will visit Visegrad at the confluence of the Drina and Rzav Rivers and walk across the Ottoman-era Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, a UNESCO world heritage site.  From Visegrad you will board a boat which will take you down the River Drina and back across the Serbian border.  Along the way you will marvel at the moods of the green Drina River as you sip Serbian wine, drink rakia, and dine on the fresh catch of the day.   Did you know Robert DeNira was so inspired by the beauty of the River Drina it became the namesake for his adopted daughter?

Return to Belgrade

In the morning you return to Belgrade and arrive in time to partake any Belgrade sites yet unseen.  You may choose to visit the National Museum, the Tesla Museum or just stroll the pedestrian walkway before dinner.

Depart Belgrade

You will be transported to Nicola Tesla airport for your flight home.


We believe travel is food for the soul.  Each of our trips bring new experiences and an intimate look at the Serbian culture and its people. Take a look at our stories and the experiences of our friends who decided to visit the most beautiful places in Serbia with us.


With a love and passion for Serbia and its people and a focus on the enjoyment of our guests, you can rely on us for a carefree travel experience.



    Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The city is divided into 17 municipalities.



    Serbia, officially the Republic of Serbia, is a country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in the southern Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans.



    Serbian traditional cuisine includes treasury, original taste and smell that can only be felt in Serbia. Serbian cuisine is characterized by very diverse, strong and spicy food.


  • THE BELGRADE SUMMER FESTIVAL combines three art areas: theater, visual and music. It is held at Kalemegdan, Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade streets and squares, theaters and other halls in the city during June and July.

    June and July
  • KUSTENDORF FILM AND MUSIC FESTIVAL - Annual event held during early January in the village of Drvengrad (also known as Küstendorf) in the Mokra Gora region of Serbia. In addition to feature films shown in several programs and musical performances, the festival features a competitive component for short films.

  • EXIT - Award-winning summer music festival which is held at the Petrovaradin Fortress in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia.

    Novi Sad
  • NISVILLE - Annual summer music festival held in the Ancient Fortress of Niš, Serbia. From the festival's very beginning, its concept has been based on presenting the ‘traditional’ jazz forms together with their fusion with the ethnic tradition from the different parts of the world, especially from the Balkans.

  • THE GUCA TRUMPET FESTIVAL - Annual brass band festival held in the town of Guča, near the city of Čačak, in the Dragačevo region of western Serbia.



  • "This tour is a true cultural immersion. We did and saw things that we would never have been able to do on our own as a tourist traveling in Serbia. An over the top experience.""

    Suzann Gobis
  • "The itinerary had something for everyone: monasteries dating back centuries and modern hotels with the latest in spa luxury. The cruise down the Drina river was a high point. What made the tour for me was the graciousness and hospitality of the hosts, Nesh and Debbie."

    Eric Roth
  • "We learned a great deal about the history of Serbia, were treated to fantastic food, had many unique experiences and saw beautiful country side. Nesh and Debbie are wonderful hosts and went out of their way to ensure that we all had a special experience. Ziveli!""

    Lou Gobis
  • Nesh and Debbie are amazing hosts with extensive knowledge of Serbia. We took beautiful hikes, ate incredible food, met interesting people, and stayed at perfect local spots. Their insider knowledge of Serbia, its history, and culture makes this a unique tour. A truly special opportunity to see a beautiful part of the world.

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  •   This is not your run-of-the-mill average tour. This tour is a true cultural immersion. We did and saw things that we would never have been able to do on... read more

  •   Наш пут у Србију са Зилеви Тоурсом од 20. до 30. маја 2019. био је један од наших најбољих одмора икада. Српски народ, храна, клима, земља и локације које смо посетили биле су дивне, укусне, савршене, лепе, занимљиве и разноврсне, а лични печат вође пута...Несх учинио је ово путовање заиста посебним. Изгледало је као да нам стари пријатељи показују своју земљу и културу, а не да буду на турнеји. Српски народ којег смо сретали свугдје био је топао и пријатељски, култура је богата и српска / балканска повијест је врло занимљива. Најзанимљивија је била приватна посета Краљевском двору у Београду и вожња бродом Дрином између Босне и Србије. Осећали смо се као да смо испред таласа српског туризма који изгледа да расте. За све оне који желе да посете Србију, Несх и Деббие са Зивели Тоурсом се највише препоручују. Мике Моиниер и Алека Андерсон Više

  •   Када су ме пријатељи позвали да дођем у Србију, помислио сам зашто не! Нисам знао ништа о Србији и био сам заиста путник у рукама Зивели Тоурса. Тако ми је драго што сам отишао. Србија је била изненађујуће лепа, а историја је била богата. Деббие...и Несх, наши туристички водичи су обезбиједили, сазнали смо за повијест, фолклор и посјетили мјеста гдје је наше искуство продубљено. Након три дана у Београду, отпутовали смо на село и тамо смо искусили великодушност српског народа. Куда год смо ишли, дочекали смо нас као породицу која је била веома сретна што нас види! А храна и вино и Ракија су биле невероватне. Домаћи кајмак (ајвар) и ајвар (зачин црвене паприке) послужени су у сваком оброку уз велики хлеб, и вредни су калорија. Један од врхунаца овог путовања био је путовање низ ријеку Дрину из Босне у Србију. Капетан нашег брода је био шарен као наш водич Несх! И ако нас љепота није забављала, приче о капетану и Нешу. Препоручујем ово путовање свима који желе да истражују Европу. То ће бити добро вредно вашег времена, а вредност је невероватна! Više

  •   Имали смо дивно искуство у Београду и српском селу. Несх и Деббие имају толико знања и имају толико пријатеља у Србији да ово путовање доживљавају. Храна, пиће и смештај су били врхунски. Радујем се повратку у блиској будућности.

  •   Nesh and Debbie are amazing hosts with extensive knowledge of Serbia. We took beautiful hikes, ate incredible food, met interesting people, and stayed at perfect local spots. Their insider knowledge... read more

    Jennifer S
  •   This tour is amazing good. Debbie and Nenad who are great hosts, kind and interesting, so this trip of 10 days you will remember for sure all life. ... read more

  •   Несх и Деббие су невероватни домаћини са великим знањем о Србији. Узели смо прелепе шетње, јели невероватну храну, упознали занимљиве људе и остали на савршеним локалним местима. Њихово инсајдерско знање о Србији, њеној историји и култури чини ову јединствену туру. Заиста посебна прилика да се...види предиван део света. Više

    Jennifer S
  •   Ова тура је невероватно добра. Деббие и Ненад који су одлични домаћини, љубазни и занимљиви, тако ће овај пут од 10 дана засигурно памтити сав живот. Упознат ћете чари Србије, културу, одличну домаћу храну, прекрасну природу и осјетити душу ове земље. Веома топла препорука!

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